Ruellia brittoniana ‘Katie’

Other common names : Dwarf Katie Ruellia
Pot capacity : 7 Lt

Product ID: 8067


Category : 

  • Herbaceous perennials.

Physical Properties :

  • It is dwars species of petunia and partially deciduous, attracting attention with dark green and spear shaped leaves.
  • Under optimum conditions, grows to 20-30 cm height and 40-50 cm spread.
  • It has dense texture and grows like heap.

Sun Request :

  • Prefer full sunlight or partial shade.

Bloom Time and Colour :

  • It opens blue-purple flowers from May to October.

Specifications : 

  • It effects from frost.
  • It has resistanc to drought and when providing ideal conditions revival of plant is quick and healthy.
  • Its ideal plants for bees and birds.
  • USDA Zone 7a: -17,7 ° C (0 ° F)