Citrus mitis

Other common names: Calamondin Orange, Panama Orange, Calamansi 
Synonym: Citrus madurensis


Product ID: 8605


Category : 

  • Evergreen trees or small trees.

Physical Properties :

  • Under optimum conditions, grows to 3-4 m height and 2-3 m crown diameter.
  • Grows compact form and it has small leaves.
  • This species kind of between Mandaline and Kumquat

Sun Request :

  • Prefer full sunlight and partial shade.

Bloom Time and Colour :

  • Fragrant, showy and white flowers starts from spring and stays on it at the and of the autumn.

Fruit Time and Colour :

  • It has small, rounden fruits orange coloured and thin-shelled.
  • This plant passes the entire year fruity in the appropriate climatic conditions.

Specifications : 

  • Prefer well-drained and moisture soils.
  • Show unhealthy growth in high calcareous soils.
  • It is sensitive to low temperatures.
  • It is insensitive to wind.
  • When it lose soil moisture is shed their leaves.
  • It is suitable for indoor areas with plenty of lights.
  • Can be use in perfume industry.
  • USDA Zone 10a:  -1.1 ° C (30 ° F)
  • USDA Zone 10b:  1.7 °C (35 °F)
  • USDA Zone 11:  4.5 °C (40 °F)