Alternanthera lehmannii ‘Burgundy Bronze’

Other common names: Ruby Leaf
Pot capacity: 7 Lt

Product ID: 7645


Category : 

  • Herbaceous perennials

Physical Properties :

  • Under optimum conditions, grows to 80-90 cm height, 50-60 cm spread and it has big, burgundy leaves.
  • It has small, curved burgundy-red-green-yellow variegated leaves.
  • Extreme temperature ıt reduce the leaves to gain different form.

Sun Request :

  • Prefer full sunlight and partial shade. If ıts grows in the shade colur can change.

Bloom Time and Colour :

  • It opens small but intense round-shaped, cream-colored flowers in the center of the leaf or branch tips.

Specifications : 

  • To achieve desired form it can be pruning regularly.
  • Can be use as a groundcover.
  • Can be use as a prevent landslides.
  • This plant is ideal type for vertical gardens and its mediterranean climate plant.
  • USDA Zone 10a: -1.1 ° C (30 ° F)
  • USDA Zone 10b: 1.7 ° C (35 ° F)
  • USDA Zone 11: 4.5 ° C (40 ° F)